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  • Are horses like us?
    Horses have a lot to teach us and they are a lot like us. Herds are to horses as teams are to people. Horses demand a leader they trust and respect – just like we do! Think of sports coaches, workplaces, class groups, even your friendship group. Being a good leader doesn’t mean that you have to be nasty or tough. Actually, it means the opposite. A good leader makes good choices and decisions for the team, negotiates with the team, trusts and respects the team, listens to the team and allows the team to work well together. Quite simply: The horse does the teaching, the facilitator offers an explanation and provides guidance so you can work through to a solution. Every teachable moment can be paralleled back to real life situations, so you understand what the horse is teaching you. Fun + Hands On Learning = Change 1. Immediate change through experiential learning 2. Objectively driven programs to provide solid outcomes 3. Teamwork like no other team you have experienced before – your horse IS your team-mate. 4. Teams develop a fundamental understanding of how to work together effectively 5. The horse has incredible dynamics to add to the team you will find no-where else.
  • Are there any additional or extra charges after we book programs with you?
    ABSOLUTELY NOT. Our programs include everything for you and your group. If your program runs longer than 1hr15min eg ½ day program, then some food will be provided.
  • Why will this program work better than others we have tried?
    We are one of a kind. We are different. We are outside, unique and fun. We have the knowledge and proven results. With us, you have found a solid learning program, run by competent facilitators and safe horses suitable for EAL.
  • How do I get there?
    We are only 8mins from Tewantin via Noosa at Cooroibah. Look for our logo on the gate. You will see the shed and the arena from the road. Please drive in and park near the road. If it is wet, we ask that you park on the footpath slightly off the road as our paddock is needed for our horses after you leave and getting bogged in no fun for anyone.
  • How old do I have to be?
    We work with anyone from 8+ years old. The reason for this is that to get the most out of our programs you need to be able to understand the way the horses are teaching you and how you work within the team. Contact us if you have a query regarding age as we are aware some 6yo’s may have the social maturity of an 8yo. In this instance we may be able to make an allowance.
  • What size groups do you work with?
    We work with as small as 1 and up to 14 people in any one session. Due to the integrity of our programs, we must ensure that an appropriate ratio of facilitators: participants is suitable. If your group has more than 8 participants, please let us know so we can accommodate numbers and safety accordingly. Disability: Please give us a call and we will try to do our upmost to accommodate our programs so that an individual with a disability is included. Unfortunately, we do need to be aware of anyone who cannot follow safety instructions or fully understand them – in this case a carer may be required. Permission to access the program may be withdrawn if the safety of the participant and others fall into a high risk category, a wheelchair cannot be used on the sand – so access isn’t available. Safety for participants and our horses is paramount – no exception. ANXIETY: If you have high anxiety and would prefer a smaller group to work with or 1-1 please contact us. We are only too happy to work something out with you. Our programs are about horses and people always feeling safe. We totally understand that anxiety can be quite debilitating in larger unknown groups and your feeling of safety in the program is important to us. This is a safe environment where no one judges – horses cannot lie or judge you and our staff are highly experienced in working with participants to allow them to work within their level. REMEMBER – at times we do need to push those scary boundaries, but we are here to do that with you in a safe way.
  • Can parents and guardians or friends watch?
    We realise that parents love to watch and helpout. However, due to our insurance policies and program certifications we are not allowed to have non-accredited facilitators inside the arena to assist with the actual learning, facilitating or coaching of participants. If you would like to watch you are most welcome to do this quietly from our undercover area.
  • Our school/ organisation doesn’t have a big budget. Aren’t these programs expensive?
    Call us. We make it our mission to never turn down a school or child. We will try our very best to work with what you have available. Just ask.
  • Do I need experience with horses?
    ABSOLUTELY NOT. Our program covers the rules and safety precautions to use around the horses and in the arena. SAFETY FIRST for both horse and participant ALWAYS! We can accommodate everyone’s comfort zone around the horses.
  • Can I feed the horses?
    No. Our horses are with you to TEACH, they are working with you. Our teachers have a special diet of horse feed suitable to their health requirements. Extra feeding not only distracts our teachers, but could also make them sick.
  • What do you do for your horse’s welfare?
    We are governed by the University of Guelph in Canada with regards to Horse Welfare. In Australia we are also members of Equestrian Australia. Our horses are fully vaccinated for tetanus, strangles and Hendra virus. They are all checked by a vet, regularly wormed and bathed, their hooves looked after by a professional farrier and their teeth are attended to by a vet where they are checked and corrected at appropriate times. Yes! Did you know horses also had dental treatment? When they are not teaching you, they are free to be in a horse herd in the paddock which is important for their men
  • What if I am scared or don’t like horses?
    NO WORRIES! If you aren’t being pushed outside your comfort zone, you are not LEARNING! This is a safe, non-judgemental environment to overcome your fears. Some participants have started out petrified, but by the end of the program they have learnt lots about themselves and have developed a close bond with the horses.
  • What do I wear?
    Our programs are done in safe outdoor sand arena. You must wear closed toe shoes. Be prepared to get a bit dirty – don’t wear GOOD CLOTHING. Come in comfortable clothes – jeans, pants, t-shirt, cap/hat and a jumper if cool. Remember, you will be bending, leaning, walking, reaching – there are no couch potatoes here! Afternoon programs have lovely shade over the arena. You will be in the arena for approx. 45mins, sunscreen is available to use.
  • Do we ride the horses?
    No. All of our learning takes place from the ground. Why? Your horse is part of your team. For horses to give you their best and most truthful response they must be allowed to work alongside you. This way they give you an incredible learning experience.
  • Are you qualified/certified?
    YES! Positive Pathway Lifeskills is certified through “The Academy of Equine Assisted Learning”, a leading worldwide governing body in EAL. Our facilitators must complete 40hrs of training each year to maintain accreditation. Suellen is also a registered teacher in Qld and a current judge of horses at both State and National Horse Events.
  • Are you insured?
    YES! We carry extensive insurance for ourselves and for those who attend our courses.
  • What if I am allergic? Or have a medical condition?
    Many participants who take part take an allergy pill before they come and rarely have issues. However, you must state any medical conditions that we should be aware of on your registration/permission form.
  • First Aid
    We have a first aid kit onsite and our facilitators have current First Aid Certificates including CPR.
  • Do I need a permission form?
    All participants must have a fully filled in form Participants under 18yo will need parent/guardian consent to participate.
  • Do I have to wear a helmet?
    In Australia, participants do not need to wear a helmet when you are not riding and doing programs with horses. If you have a horse-riding helmet and would like to wear it, you are more than welcome.
  • What if it is raining?
    Our programs all run outside in our lovely safe arena. We run in light rain, however in heavy rain and in thunderstorms it is unsafe and unpleasant to run our programs. We will reschedule your program or refund your money should this be the case.
  • Is any funding available?
    Please contact us regarding information we can provide for you to access funding. We are happy to help.
  • How do I pay?
    Payment must be done 24hrs before your scheduled session. Payments can be made via the website with square , visa, or via direct debit. If you need to pay cash on the day please let us know beforehand. As we are very busy with participants and horses when you arrive, we unfortunately cannot also deal with payments easily then. All participants must pay before they enter the arena. Receipts will be sent via email.
  • Do I need to bring water?
    Filtered tank water will be available to drink. If you need to have a drink during the session, we ask that you bring in a water bottle as leaving the arena distracts from your learning experience and disengages your teamwork.
  • When do I arrive?
    Please make sure you arrive 5 – 10mins before your scheduled session. This will give you time to relax and sort out any paperwork used during the session. This also shows respect to those who are in your team/program. We will always start on time and finish on time.
  • Dogs
    No dogs allowed. If you arrive with a dog in your car you will be asked to leave the dog safely in the car. Dogs are a distraction as well as upsetting to our horses and our own dogs. We would not like to see your dog hurt. Although, it is a nice walk up the road and back if you would like to do that with your dog. There is also a basketball hoop and swing just past out place if you want to play with your dog there. They must be on a lead.
  • Do you train horses?
    Yes. Suellen trains her competition horses Razz and Kozzie. She also maintains the training with Huckleberry and DJ so they give their very best to participants in the EAL programs. Occasionally Razz will join the EAL session as a demonstration model or specifically selected for a group. Kozzie is too young and he has a lot of learning to do. An untrained, disrespectful, bad mannered and unruly horse is dangerous is any situation no matter who they are with. Do not touch any horses that are not being used in the program. They have their own training schedules and need “chill time” to be horses and for their mental health.
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