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Our Mission

Our business has grown from a love of learning and imparting knowledge as a teacher and a lifetime of loving, competing and working with horses. After many years teaching students with major barriers to learning, I knew that combining my professional experience with the intuitive nature and majestic power of the horse that incredible safe learning opportunities would take place. Learning opportunities and skill development that just don’t happen inside a classroom! These skills are a focus for each session. Skills such as problem solving, communication, negotiation, focus, team work, confidence, building relationships, trust, listening, making choices and leadership. All these skills are needed for us to move forward and deal life in so many different areas in our lives – be it school, home, friends, team sports or work.

It is important to note that results will only be highly effective with an experienced horse person who is also a certified Equine Assisted Learning facilitator. Our programs are based on a successfully researched and trialed 5yr University study. That’s how we ensure your success.

Listening to what horses say is powerful and our researched-based programs are designed specifically to draw out “Teachable Moments”, where here the Teachers are our wonderful horses. By paralleling this experiential learning to “real life” situations the learning becomes very powerful! This is my job as a facilitator. The positive steps in learning have had irrefutable results with young people and adults alike.

Horses do not judge. They assess a situation and their feedback is honest and immediate. Horses cannot lie, they will forgive, but never forget.

We work with our horses safely as a TEAM from the ground. We don’t ride our Teachers as this changes the “Team” dynamic and the horse’s innate communication and feedback.

Mission statement – At Positive Pathways we pride ourselves on providing quality non-judgmental and fun, effective learning programs tailored to your needs. We work as a team to empower people to safely learn through experiential learning opportunities where the horses are the teachers.

Our team


Certified Equine Assisted Learning Facilitator
(The Academy of Equine Assisted Learning, Canada)
Fully Registered Qualified Teacher QLD
Highly Experienced Horseperson with competition success at National Level


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